What's New

​​Introducing our NEW registered design patent specialty engineered CRB™ - Comp Race Bullet™ 9/38/357 bullet projectiles for the latest tighter throat semi-auto pistols and PCC speed shooting competition firearms. These bullets were also engineered by us to maximize accuracy and case capacity while minimizing COL for smaller tube magazines. This overall package maximizes reliability and performance.

Our NEW CRB® projectiles will also allow for very long COL's in firearms and magazines that will allow for longer COL's, which reduces pressures and contributes to longer brass life.

Our NEW CRB™ - Comp Race Bullet™ projectiles are a registered design patent and can't be legally copied, manufactured and sold by other companies. They are coated with our proprietary high performance exotic JB-A217® Polymer BULLET Coating and have been available since late August 2019 in all popular 380, 9mm - 115, 125, 135 and 147 grain weights to add to our existing product line.

*** NEW for mid July 2020! ***

40 S&W/10mm 180gr CRB® RNFPBB bullet!

*** NEW for November 2022! ***

Due to unprecedented demand, WE HAVE ADDED (12) NEW CRB® Comp Race Bullets® to our product line! BULLETS INCLUDE 38 Special, 357 Mag, 44 Mag, 45ACP, 45 Colt, 300 AAC BLK, 458 SOCOM and 45/70 Government. As with ALL of our engineered and proven unique accurate and reliable CRB® Comp Race Bullets® designs, these (12) twelve new bullets are OUR unique designs, NOT subpar hack clone copies.