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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your JB-A217® coated bullets in Open Class compensated or ported barrels ?

Yes. We tested and (recovered undamaged in liquid ballistic recovery containment) our 9mm diameter bullets @ over major 163PF and our 40 Cal bullets @ 167PF and there was no leading in ports, comp baffles or riflings. The coating and bullets were so well preserved that we could literally re-load and re-shoot those bullets. Our JB-A217® coating is made for major PF requirements, but your mileage may vary based on your barrel, COL, reloading techniques, propellants, crimp and charge weights.

What is your coatings made from ?

They are proprietary durable lubricative high temperature resistant heat-cured polymer base proprietary coatings specifically formulated and manufactured for coating firearms bullet projectiles.

Is your JB-A217® a "moly" coating ?

If you asked us if that coating was made from cookies & cream, our answer would be EXACTLY the same.

Since our coatings are proprietary secrets, we won't tell you. And NO bullet coating manufacturer will tell you what is in their coating(s)

What we will tell you about our JB-A217® coating:

Our J-Ames BULLETS® JB-A217® primary bullet coating is our newest GEN IV polymer bullet coating.

All testing we've done with our JB-A217® bullet coating show a 40-110 FPS increase over comparable (weight, nose design and diameter) swaged metal jacketed bullet velocities, and a 30-80 FPS increase over any other comparable (weight, diameter and nose design) coated bullets sold in the USA. (We've tested them all). This means you can use less propellant to achieve the same velocities which saves you $$$ and lengthens brass life considerably.

This is especially attractive to our USPSA and IPSC shooting customers that demand a high velocity - lower charge weight ammunition.

We have pushed this coating to 2,990 FPS in long bull barreled specially designed test barrels with 24 BHN hard cast pistol bullets and the coating remained fully intact on the bullet with no leading.

This tenacious coating literally becomes an integral part of the bullet and cannot be removed by mere firing it through a barrel.

Our JB-A217® bullet coating is a proprietary blended extreme high temperature exotic polymer bullet coating which far outperforms and exceeds the lubricating, temperature and velocity performance of ALL other available bullet coatings in the USA (including "moly" coatings).

Our GEN IV JB-A217® bullet coating costs us around nine times more to produce and use than if we bought a popular bullet coating and used it like all the other sheeple are doing. We won't settle for less. We've tested every coated bullet for sale in the USA, and NO OTHER bullet coating available on the US market can produce these results. PERIOD.

Will your bullet coating harm my barrel ?

It's a lubricative bullet coating that is formulated to prevent barrel wear. We've found NO real measurable wear or scoring on any barrel we've used our bullets with after very extensive firing and testing of our coatings. If we fired as many bullets with copper, brass and aluminum jackets, there would be measurable wear thereafter.

Can your JB-A217® coated bullets be used in rifle/carbine length barrels ?

Yes. Any length barrel is fine with our coated bullets. Other brands of coated pistol bullets have a thin subpar powder-coating paint type coating that burns off, causes smoke and thick lead deposits in pistol/PCC compensators used on longer carbine and rifle length barrels. NOTE: For SAFETY reasons, our round nose semi-pointed ogive design bullets should NOT be used in ANY lever action or tube magazine where your magazine requires stacking cartridges end-to-end. Those type magazines require a wide flat nose bullet.

What powders are not recommended with your coated bullets ?

All popular smokeless propellants can be used with any coated bullet we sell.

How come you guys don't have a shopping cart checkout ?

That's how we currently roll. Most of our customers prefer this because we're able to provide them with a higher quality product and at a considerably lower price.

Is it difficult to fill out your order form ?

No. A not so well trained monkey could do it. Click here:

Fill out the form and click "Submit". We will send you a formal order invoice to copy and mail with your check.

Do you charge extra for custom bullet sizing ?

No. We now offer (5) five different custom diameters for all 9/38/357 bullets we currently sell. Our 40 Cal bullets are available in (2) diameters and our 45 Cal bullets are also available in (2) diameters, all at NO additional charge.

Can I buy (100) bullets to try ?

No. (500) is our minimum order.

Can I buy your bullets un-coated ?

No. For liability reasons, we do not sell uncoated bullets.

What type of lead do you use ?

Our special order Foundry Lead Alloy consists of 5% Antimony, 3% Tin and Highly Refined three nines 99.9% Pure Lead as a base. This custom alloy is more expensive and better performing than 92-6-2 alloy when used with our dedicated proprietary polymer bullet coatings. All of our hard cast bullets are heat treated to a BHN 17.5 + (LB scale Starrett).

How can I get FREE SHIPPING ?

(500) Packs = $5. 00 Flat Rate Shipping - Unless otherwise noted.

ANY order subtotal of $56.01 or more will include FREE SHIPPING!

Our FREE SHIPPING is honest. Other companies include their shipping cost(s) in their product pricing and then advertise "free shipping". That's shady. We don't do that.

Can I legally transfer/sell reloading component bullets to a friend ?

TRANSFER of ammunition component bullet projectiles to any other individual outside of your immediate family is in violation of Federal Law if you are not a properly licensed Federal Firearms Licensee.

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