45 Colt RNFPBB 225gr .452 Dia NEW!

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Introducing Our NEW Cowboy Action RNFPBB 225gr BULLET! It is the most popular , SASS, Exhibitionist Speed Shooting, Steel Challenge and all around pistol and Lever-Gun – match grade bullet that is one of the many bullets we have had requested.

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JB-A217 Polymer Coated.
Color = Grey/Black.
17+ BHN.
Hard cast lead alloy projectile.
For use with any smokeless propellant.
Use in any length barrel.

1 review for 45 Colt RNFPBB 225gr .452 Dia NEW!

  1. Juan

    Bought a few cases of these and very happy with quality and performance but must be a huge seller cause are always out of stock :/

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