45ACP RNBB 228gr

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Competition Grade 45ACP RNBB 228gr Comp Race Bullets exotic polymer coated hard cast bullets for commercial ammunition manufacturers and avid competitive shooters/hobbyists who load their own super accurate ammunition.

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.451, .452

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JB-A217 Polymer Coated.
Color = Grey/Black.
17+ BHN.
Hard cast lead alloy projectile.
For use with any smokeless propellant.
Use in any length barrel.

2 reviews for 45ACP RNBB 228gr

  1. Nathan j. p.

    the best cowboy round and 1911 semi auto bullet out there. most accurate and the coating is far more robust than any other coated bullet of the four types I have tried.

  2. leaonard k

    My fave go to single stack 45 auto bullets.

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