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38 Spl WC 158gr NEW!

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NEW Product! Our CRB® 38 Special 158gr WC Full Wadcutter exotic polymer coated hard cast bullet for competitive Target/Bullseye and competitive shooting sports. This is our own superior Full Wadcutter design, not a subpar hack clone copy.

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.357, .358

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Color = Grey/Black.
17+ BHN.
Hard cast lead alloy projectile.
For use with any smokeless propellant.
Use in any length barrel.

2 reviews for 38 Spl WC 158gr NEW!

  1. Charles

    I just started loading up for my local events and these wadcutters surprisingly feed well and cycle in my Coonan. The coating is really slick and doesn’t leave any lead deposits in the barrel or chamber.

  2. Tom E.

    So glad you guys finally started selling these! clean round holes and really good for quiet light loads at rattlesnakes and rats!

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