300 AAC BLK CRB 215gr .309 Dia NEW!

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Our NEW AR Platform JB-A217® CRB® Comp Race Bullet® Exotic Polymer Coated 300 AAC “Blackout” bullet. Our engineered design is highly accurate with easy smooth feeding and chamber forgiving nose specs. This is our very uniquely engineered design for accurate and clean shooting subsonic munitions, NOT a subpar hack clone copy.

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JB-A217 Polymer Coated.
Color = Grey/Black.
17+ BHN
Hard cast lead alloy projectile.
For use with any smokeless propellant.
Use in any length barrel.

1 review for 300 AAC BLK CRB 215gr .309 Dia NEW!

  1. Johnston b.

    Stack and feed well in my AR and shoot three shots nearly touching each other @ 40 yards

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