10mm RN-BB 188gr

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Competition Grade 10mm RN-BB 188gr Comp Race Bullet exotic polymer coated inexpensive ammunition loading component for commercial ammunition manufacturers and competitive/hobbyist shooters who load their own high quality ammunition.

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JB-A217 Polymer Coated.
Color = Grey/Black.
17+ BHN.
Hard cast lead alloy projectile.
For use with any smokeless propellant.
Use in any length barrel.


.400, .401

2 reviews for 10mm RN-BB 188gr

  1. John

    Have bought three times now and the product is def cheaper and far more accurate than plated bullets. The coating is not particular with powders like that hytech colored coating.

  2. Nick F

    I just got a bunch of these 10mm 188’s loaded up and out to the range and they shoot amazingly straight! Nice groups with N320 powder and they feed smoothly through my bullet feeder. I can’t see any fouling in my barrel after firing 325 rounds. I tried hammering one bullet and the coating still remains 100% on the bullet without peeling or separation, unlike that thin hi-tek flimsy coating that is woefully inferior compared to the coating on these bullets.

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